Computable Contracting Proof of Concept
A computable contract sits at the heart of the Dare Vision, a computable customer policy governed by a computable contract of delegation
Computable contractING
What is a computable contract?
Replacing today’s “slip”, a computable contract represents a paradigm shift for the commercial insurance industry, putting the contract, as a data object, at the heart of business operations to drive data entry, downstream processing, accounting & settlement and new levels of portfolio analytics.
testing Phase
Testing computable contracting approaches
The aim of this testing phase was for our innovation partners Axiome to demonstrate that a set of computable contracting approaches can make a significant contribution to the overall DARE vision for digitising both the product wording and contract of delegation. See what our project objectives were and read the executive summaries to learn more about how we re-designed the BAA,  brought this to life in a Contract Creator prototype and where this could take us in the future.


Re-designing BAA’s for the future

Demonstrate how the Binding Authority Agreement (BAA) can be redesigned for a future computable contracting environment

3. More to follow shortly


Developing a prototype

To successfully create a digital marketplace for DA, it is crucial that we invest the necessary time and effort in designing a solid digital foundation

Test the prototype

STAGE three

Digitising and modularising policies

Demonstrate how customer policies can be digitalised and modularised

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